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Lubbock foundation repair Lubbock Based
We live here too and we love it when we make our customers happy. After all, you're our neighbor!
Lubbock Texas foundation repair
Lubbock TX foundation repair Foundation & Structural Repair
We have more than 40 years combined experience doing this and its what we do best.
Lubbock foundation repair
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Basic Foundation Repair offers financing options that are perfect for your budget! Please contact us to learn more.


About Basic Foundation Repair, Inc.

Basic Foundation Repair is a locally owned and operated business.  Basic Foundation Repair's employees are experienced construction experts that take pride in the quality of service they provide.  All of our work is carried out by Basic Foundation Repair employees that have received extensive training in foundation repair techniques. This allows us to ensure the highest quality control, ensured compliance with industry standards, and absolute success for both the company and our clients.

Charles Parks - Basic Foundation Repair Lubbock TexasCharles Parks is a founding partner of Basic Foundation Repair. As a lifelong entrepreneur, Charles has built a number of successful businesses from the ground up. Charles began his business career by establishing a network of community-based drug and alcohol counseling programs, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of adolescents and families. After working in healthcare for more than 15 years, Charles set his sights on a new challenge. Looking to establish a new lifelong business franchise, Charles focused on bringing exceptional foundation repair services into underserved communities across Texas and Oklahoma.

An a business owner, Charles has always employed a very simple formula for success -- always put your customers first. "I firmly believe our customers deserve the very best, in terms of service, quality and performance from our team," says Charles. Because of this focus, Charles looks for top-notch employees at Basic Foundation Repair. "To grow a business, you need a team of people who are accountable for their actions and driven by success," says Charles. "I've always looked for the best people I can find and treated them like family," he adds. Today, Charles' son Brent works in the family business as well. "We want our customers to know that we will be here for them today, as well as for generations to come," he concludes.

William Powell - Basic Foundation Repair Lubbock TexasWilliam Powell is the managing partner and chief field technician for Basic Foundation Repair, serving the greater Lubbock area. With a strong entrepreneurial instinct, William recognized the need for a high-quality, local foundation repair company in Lubbock. "In addition to being licensed, bonded and insured, we have a physical address in the communities we serve," says William. "By living and working in our local community, we have a better understanding of our customer's needs and we stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty."

Jeremy Cloud - Basic Foundation Repair Lubbock TXJeremy Cloud is chief executive officer (CEO) of Basic Foundation Repair. Born and raised in Texas, Jeremy worked two jobs in college while earning a degree from Tartleton State University. He began his career in agriculture, which required an in-depth understanding of the unique weather patterns and landscapes of Texas. His strong work ethic and experience working with the land made him a natural fit for the foundation repair business. Today, Jeremy plays an active role in coaching, training and mentoring employees throughout Basic Foundation Repair. Leading by example, Jeremy instills a culture of customer service, getting the job done right, and standing behind the company's work. As native Texan, Jeremy understands the importance of building a strong reputation in a tight-knit community. "Having a hometown touch really distinguishes our company," says Jeremy. "We are friendly, local and provide expert foundation repair."

Brent Parks - Basic Foundation Repair Lubbock TXBrent Parks is the Chief Financial Officer for Basic Foundation Repair. A Fort Worth native, Brent graduated from Harvard University and later returned to his Texas roots to help the firm grow and expand. With a deep sense of entrepreneurship, Brent oversees the firm's technology investments, identifies creative solutions for addressing key business challenges and ensures that operations continue to run smoothly. Understanding the vital role that local business can play in strengthening a community, Brent also maintains a sharp focus on the financial health of the company -- both now and in the future.

"My goal is to create long-term stability for the company so we can continue to serve the community, create jobs, sponsor local charities and stand behind our lifetime warranties," says Brent. "That means we always take the long view when it comes to working with customers, developing our team and building a sustainable business," he adds. Looking ahead, Brent says that he will continue to build a solid framework for Basic Foundation Repair. "Our biggest asset is our reputation. No job is finished until our customers are satisfied. That's why we strive to go above and beyond for our customers each and every day," he adds.


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